RWLL develops tailored leases for its clients that take into account the maturity structure of leases as well as ownership and performance options for flexibility. RWLL offers timely warranty and customer support and is willing to participate in the facility`s performance risk, which is a direct result of the confidence in the quality performance it praises. RWLL also maintains strategic relationships with quality producers and can offer a new “transformed” locomotive on a lease, purchase or financing basis. In the United States, all tracking rights agreements are submitted to the Surface Transportation Board and are publicly available. If the tenant goes bankrupt, the landlord is dismissed from the lease. Thus, EuroDual locomotives offer not only considerable economic and logistical benefits, but also environmental benefits. A transportation contract resembles one of the track rights, but the railway that owns the line exploits the force for the latter company`s cars. Passenger companies have also entered into agreements with some of the historic railways that allow them to take special trains to connect historic railway events. Similarly, rail and rail operators have put in place provisions to ensure access to the national network and for historic trains, often operated by steam, to and from the national rail network. Since 2007, the regular lines from Stratford Upon Avon in the Midlands and Grosmont, North Yorkshire, on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway to Whitby, have been extended to the regular summer schedule on the national network. RWLL serves both the domestic and international leasing markets in North America and leases equipment in Central America, Canada and from the eastern United States to Alaska.

RWLL`s customer base consists of the growth of the U.S. commuter train market, tour operators and business trains for Class I freight trains and short-haul trains. New locomotives can gain up to 30% more tonnage than existing electric and diesel locomotives used on the main bypass corridors. Hybrid mode also reduces CO2 emissions. The EMD F40-PH-2 locomotives, available via RWLL, are among the highest quality locomotives that can be leased in the area. All RWLL locomotives are FRA certified and EPA compliant until 2007 and have 3-year fresh air braking data. A rigid inspection and testing procedure was put in place, so that only the best of Amtrak`s surplus fleet were selected, and RWLL was the first to purchase from Amtrak`s surplus F40s fleet. Tracking rights (US), operating rights or operational powers (UK) are an agreement between railway companies in which the railway owner grants some use to another railway company. Offers can be long-term or short-term, do not always involve the right to serve customers on the line and may be exclusive or not. You rent a locomotive and pass all maintenance and repair work at your own workshop or hire your favorite supplier. The locomotives manufactured by Stadler are operated on strategic corridors selected by Retrack.

We encourage the liberalisation of the rail market and offer competitive rental solutions with our reliable electric and diesel locomotives that are perfect for you.