The payment of a product sold is collected by Flipkart and paid to the seller within seven days of the sale. Flipkart charges a small commission for each sale. If you are a trust or foundation, you can also become a seller on Flipkart. All you have to do is submit documents similar to those mentioned above, which you must indicate on behalf of the trust or foundation, in order to incorporate the legal identity of the trust or foundation with the address of the trust or foundation. Visit to register as a seller. Click the tab button and continue. All these primary requirements are necessary if you apply for the registration of the flipcard seller and you want to launch a flipcard seller account to sell products on Flipkart, start the specified process, by which we will show you how you sell on Flipkart. The execution depends on the type displayed and selected. Flipkart sells products after getting sellers into their benefit program.

In standard delivery mode, a shipper must pack and store items containing flipcard materials bearing the Flipkart logo. Thank you for the detailed information for requesting the registration of the Flipkart seller. Start a Flipkart sales account and receive logistics and shipping support. Flipkart has ties with couriers who pick up parcels and deliver them all over India. They even offer packaging support and materials as well as training. Once an order has been received, the seller packs the product and prepares it for shipping. The logistics partner picks him up for the redirection. Please note that Flipkart does not provide packaging materials. Sellers must make their own arrangements. It is easy to sell on Flipkart and boat because they have 200 hubs and 10,000 delivery staff. New sellers start out as tier 2 sellers. After a month of operation and after completing 30 transactions, you can move to Level 1.

The customer claims settlement rate also determines the position, and if a Tier 1 seller is late, it could be downgraded to Level 2. Tier 1-seller receives payment earlier, within 5 days of shipping, while the seller of the animal 2 receives payment within 10 days of shipping. In any case, they must follow a number of rules for executing orders. Once the Flipkart Seller`s Registration, list of products have been downloaded, you can start selling on Flipkart. Flipkart offers a dashboard to control all operations. Flipkart also offers promotions and advertising as well as analytical support, so you know which product works well in terms of price and other factors. The dashboard allows you to change all the details, for example – prices, enumeration signs, description, etc., but you won`t change your title if your offer is updated and you won`t change your layout. Flipkart also has a vendor protection program in case products are lost or damaged during transportation due to email errors or fraudulent customer claims. Sell products on Flipkart with peace of mind, because even if customers return products in a state of degradation, Flipkart reimburses a seller. Another advantage are Flipkart Funding employees who offer financing at fair prices, allowing you to store more products in your inventory. Flipkart also offers sales training on Flipkart and you can also learn online. The requirements to become a seller on most e-commerce platforms are the same.

With Digicommerce, you can also become a seller on Limeroad, Amazon, eBay, Paytm, Shopclues, Snapdeal and Voonik to increase sales. You can even sell on Flipkart as a partnership company. We recommend registering an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) when you register as a seller with Flipkart, as this route is preferable as a separate legal entity because of its limited liability protection, simple portability.