Another certificate from the HomeOwners Association, that they are administrators of all the original documents and authorizations of the entire property, is a MUSS. Why is this necessary: To ensure that the owner has removed all taxes and associations, the preservation of all original documents is mandatory: Yes Required in the original: Yes Required for: Real Estate Purchase – Real Estate Credit The majority of Lahore`s natural titles/certificates are in full format. All of these records can be searched from the deed registration site (ROD). Description of the real estate document: If the owner or owner of the land has received a royalty in favour of a bank or financial institution, a LETTER NO OBJECTION OF THE FIN IS required. No letter from OBJECTION should clearly state the details of the real estate, the name of the borrower, the borrower`s account number, the dwelling, the floor, the surface, the parking lot, etc. and should be addressed to the buyer. The original letter should be in the buyer`s custody. When it is mentioned in “No Letter of Objection” that all payments from the buyer are made through the financial institution, this should also be taken into account. The penalty certificate confirms that the property is still in the name of the person selling it. Why it is necessary: To establish the seller`s ownership on the title of the property Required: Yes Required in the original: Yes Required For: Real Estate Purchase – Real Estate Credit All conditions and clauses mentioned in the real estate documents must be carefully read and understood before you enter into a one-year agreement.

Also, due to the frequent use of legalese, you can understand the work complex. Do not accept that a word has any particular meaning, unless you consult a legal book about it. Property Document Description: R.T.C is issued by the Village Accountant. It contains information on the extent of the land in an investigation number or survey number, the extent of the area of the kharab it contains, the names of current and former owners, their respective property and the names of the tenants. It also contains information such as the type of land or harvest, possible mortgages, royalties for the real estate they contain, the status of the property (unam or not), the conversion order number, the date in case the ownership of the farm is converted to a non-farm operation, references to transfer and estate certificates when the property changed, etc. Why necessary: To determine the property if the property is located on converted land, z.B converted from agriculture to non-farm operation Obligatory: Not required in the original: No necessary for: Purchase of real estate Description of the property document: one of the most important property documents. You can get the office of registration charge certificate. This office is directly under the control of the property registration inspector, operated by the state government.

The certificate indicates that a transaction or collateral was made during a specified period from the date the property was purchased or sold.