The progress of the APA program reinforces the government`s commitment to promoting a non-contradictory tax system. The Indian APA program has been valued nationally and internationally for its ability to deal with complex transfer pricing issues in a fair and transparent manner. APA is a mechanism for resolving transfer pricing disputes in advance. Transactions between related parties (z.B. an Indian subsidiary that makes software development available to its U.S. parent company) must be arm-length, which means that there is no need to grant an unfair pricing advantage. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) signed the 300th Pre-Price Contract (APA) in September. This is an important step in the Indian APP program, now in its seventh year. APA was commissioned in India in 2012 The APA is an agreement between a taxpayer and the tax authority that establishes the transfer pricing method for the pricing of international taxpayer transactions for years to come. An APA provides certainty about the tax results of the taxpayer`s international transactions. Network level: The problem with multilateral agreements and what India needs to do to attract most of them drishTI has become a recognized brand of technical excellence with the participation of more than 1 lakh students at 660 colleges and certified it value added for students and students with critical technical knowledge and skills Download The Economic Times News App to get daily market updates – Live Business News.

An APA can be one of three types – unilateral, bilateral and multilateral. Easy Access to take competition anytime and anywhere This is an important step in the Indian APA program, which is currently in seventh grade. The Von DrishTI online competition offers a competitive advantage because it helps you learn, analyze and apply theoretical concepts and develop technology skills at the industry level. It also allows to learn from experience, where students can solve real problems with advanced technical equipment. Click on the Sign up tab on the home page and create a student profile on the Drishti portal.