DL: The seller is only busy paying the buyer to the extent that he may be suspected of whether the financing is there and whether the buyer can receive it. The contract will only offer payment if the price can be determined and the seller knows the amount of the buyer`s down payment. Contracts are normally being written for this information. The buyer`s payment is unlikely to be a condition of the contract. If your heart is set on the new building, here are some tips to consider how you can hunt for your dream home. Water conservation devices and detectors (CC 1101.4) – Inform the purchaser of water features that need to be replaced during the construction and condition of carbon monoxide detectors. It is your broker`s responsibility to disclose mandatory advance authorizations, mortgage credit authorization dates, pre-sales and appointment clauses in your contract. Unfortunately, the owners do not have provisions in the contractual or purchaser documents, including fees. It is your broker`s responsibility to represent you and disclose all document provisions, including fees and fees. 3) Familiar with the complexity of construction contracts and supporting documents, construction contracts often require the buyer to qualify at least with the preferred lender, and then they can choose at their own expense.

However, if, for some reason, the buyer cannot obtain financing from another lender, he cannot opt out of the contract. As a result, the buyer, after signing the contract, is extremely limited in how he can opt out of the contract. For this reason, it is extremely important for the buyer to understand everything he can about the property before concluding the contract. Most producers do not use California Association of Realtors (CAR) forms. Instead, they use custom contracts for new constructions that can be quite complex. It is useful to have an expert specializing in new constructions to verify your client`s contract before signing. If you are not familiar with these contracts, a qualified lawyer can check and highlight any problems that could affect your buyer. 3) Check your broker about the contract and all the supporting documents of the buyer or homeowners association (HOA) Documents If you are looking for the purchase of a home from a contractor and would like help in verifying the sale contract, or if you have any other questions about real estate law issues, contact Brewer Offord -Pedersen LLP at (650) 327-2900 or on the Internet at www.BrewerFirm.com.