One of the main challenges faced by designated representatives is to inform stakeholders of the correct interpretation and application of the provisions of the Council`s agreements. The Council therefore urges members to familiarize themselves with collective agreements, to respect them and to cooperate with plenipotentiaries to ensure their implementation. It is also important for us to have an up-to-date database on all banking data of industry staff. Please make sure to update your employees regularly with the following form as soon as this changes. Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (the LRA) provides that in the event of a conflict between the employment contract and the collective agreement, a collective agreement varies from one employment contract between the worker and the employer, both of which are bound by the collective agreement. [2] As a result, all employers in the sector must comply with this agreement as of that date. All companies that are related to the transportation of goods by transporting the engine for rent or reward are affected by the NBCRFLI agreements. The definition of “goods” is not limited to sand, soil and stone. If the parties fail to reach an agreement at the mediation level, the case is not resolved and the dispute can be referred to conciliation.

Yes, from the date of proclamation, all employers in the industry are required to submit monthly online returns to You MUST also submit your monthly returns for sick people, holidays, vacation bonuses, dues, union memberships and welfare funds on or before the 20th of the month. Conciliation is a procedure by which CCMA-accredited commissioners, who are selected for the NBCRFLI board, meet with parties of employers and workers in conflict and explore ways to resolve the dispute. Legal representation is not permitted with respect to the rules. This is a non-prejudice process outside the registration process. For the parties to reach an agreement, both parties must be present at the conciliation hearing. If one of the parties does not participate in the conciliation hearing, the case remains whole and can only be resolved by arbitration or by the labour tribunal, depending on the nature of the dispute. Sometimes the parties do not participate in conciliation because they prefer an adjudicative (or arbitration) procedure. However, it is important to note that arbitration is a much more stressful, time-consuming and costly process. The contributions of employers and their workers, who are subject to minimum wages, are not changed. It remains at 0.4% per week of a worker`s normal weekly wage and a similar amount by an employer. The Council is governed by the Labour Relations Act 1995, which allows employers` and trade union organizations to create a bargaining council for an industry and territory.

Through collective bargaining, trade unions and employers` organizations that are members of the Council are able to negotiate issues of mutual interest to the road freight and logistics industry. This approach allows for better regulation of industry-wide issues, thereby imposing minimum standards and conditions of employment in the road freight and logistics sectors, ultimately contributing to job stability. The Board also assists its members with the management of annual leave, sick leave, leave pay, and the provision of health, wellness and dispute resolution services.